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Open letter to the Citizens of Manitowoc County.

Patricia KoppaI am Patricia Koppa. I am running to become Circuit Court Judge for Manitowoc County Branch 2. This is a position selected by voters throughout the county. Why should you vote for me? Experience. I sincerely believe that I am the most qualified candidate. Let me explain why.

A judge plays an important role in our community. The judge is a leader in the judicial system, an equal branch of our government. The judge stands for justice. A circuit court judge is tasked with applying the law fairly and consistently. Integrity and the ability to listen to both sides is critical. Citizens expect a great deal from judges. Judges have an obligation to taxpayers. Judges must keep the court system efficient and cost-effective. My record shows I have these attributes.


I have been court commissioner and register in probate for over 20 years. This makes me uniquely ready to take the Circuit Court bench. As court commissioner, I have made thousands of decisions from the bench. Among the many routine matters, there have been numerous contested matters. The litigants are often emotional and unrepresented. Over the years, I have developed the ability to maintain order and decorum while recognizing the parties’ need to tell their stories.

My role as register in probate gives me a unique perspective on court operations and case processing. I have worked with judges, commissioners, staff and counsel to create efficiencies. There are further changes to be made. I have an extensive network of contacts in counties around the state and can bring the best practices to our courts. The goal is to reduce the time needed to complete cases which saves litigants, and taxpayers, money.


With over 20 years of judicial experience as a court commissioner, I have developed the necessary judicial skills to make decisions on difficult matters while remaining respectful of the positions of each litigant. I am aware of the bias we all have and am able to set that aside and make an impartial decision based on the facts and the law. I explain my decisions emphasizing for parties the reason a ruling is made. This experience will carry over to serve as a Circuit Court Judge.

Acting impartially and fairly is of utmost importance in criminal matters. The accused is presumed innocent and must be treated accordingly. Whether the accused is represented by a lawyer or appearing alone, the law, not emotions, must govern hearings. However, once convicted, defendants must be held accountable. Serious crimes, particularly those of violence, must be treated as serious and the sentence should reflect that. At the same time, the judge must consider each individual’s circumstances and act within established guidelines. Those convicted of lesser charges should be sentenced in a manner so as not to increase the likelihood that they will commit another crime. Evidence supports the belief that prisons are a school for crime. I support Manitowoc County’s efforts to reduce recidivism by applying pre-trial and post-conviction services appropriately. Justice is not one size fits all. The justice system must strive to eliminate disparity based on race or economic circumstances. As judge, I would strive to give justice to victim, society, and the convicted.


Koppa for judge signsTechnology is changing how courts operate. Statewide court operation is becoming digitized. As the courts move from paper to digital files, the work done by staff is changing. I have a unique understanding of the new e-filing system and support implementation of similar processes in all aspects of court operation. Manitowoc County must continue to adopt technology to improve workflow.

Often technological improvements are not adopted due to lack of funds. It is difficult to quantify savings in case processing in order to reallocate money for equipment. Caseloads are increasing and cases are becoming more complex. Courts will always need staff, even if the staff is performing a different task than in the past. The answer to funding technology is not staff reduction.

I believe technology can be funded by reducing the time it takes to process a case. This is not easily measured. We must continue to process more matters in the same given amount of time, meaning less time per case. Better technology allows this to happen. Additionally, there are changes in procedure that can be made that do not require equipment. I want to look at ways to better use existing resources. Additionally, as a Manitowoc County department director for over 20 years, I am familiar with the budget process and roles of the county officials. I hope to use that knowledge to implement improvements while remaining responsible to the taxpayers of Manitowoc County.

Community Focused

I care about Manitowoc. I moved to Manitowoc and chose to remain. I want this to be a community that others want to make their home. The court system contributes to a positive environment. I have been a part of those efforts. I work closely with others seeking to improve our court system for youth and adults. Early in my tenure as Circuit Court Commissioner, I recognized the need for improvement and participated in policy committees. As Judge, I would have greater influence and ability to get things done.

My community focus is best illustrated by my volunteer activities. While I participate in a number of groups, my largest commitment is to youth. Youth are our future. I’ve watched many young people move from the area with no desire to return. I want Manitowoc to be somewhere they wish to be. I volunteered extensively in my children’s schools. Now that they are grown, I continue to lead a multi-grade Girl Scout troop. I see hope and aspiration in these girls. It is a truth I will focus on when presiding over cases involving youth and young adults. While there must be consequences for wrongdoing, there must be hope for the rest of their future in order these young people to become productive citizens.

Thank you, dear voter, for reading this far. I know there are likely many more questions on your mind. Feel free to make contact or come to an event. I want to meet you. I want to hear your concerns. I want to be your next judge.

Please vote this spring, Vote for experience. Vote Patricia Koppa for Circuit Court Judge.


Patricia Koppa

Candidate for Circuit Court Br. 2


Provide all participants an impartial, unbiased decision based upon the law and common sense.

Support specialty courts, including a drug court, to address needs of non-violent offenders and reduce repeat offenses.

Hold youth offenders accountable while maintaining family and community support.

Use technology to reduce delay and improve efficiency.

Outside the legal system, Koppa has years of commitment to the community. Girl Scout Troop Leader-Multiple troops for over 20 years. EAA Chapter 383 member, past officer. Thunder on the Lakeshore organizing committee memeber. St Francis of Assisi and Roncalli High Scholl volunteer. Koppa knows Manitowoc County and cares about its citizens.